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Blog Posts in 2012

What Can I expect from a Real Estate Short Sale?

A short sale is a device used by lenders and borrowers to avoid a foreclosure action. The mortgage is in default for a while, and the bank realizes that the borrower cannot pay. The borrower finds a ...
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Deed with Life Estate in NY (Estate Planning Tool)

A deed with a life estate is an estate planning tool with many advantages. The first advantage is a very significant tax advantage. If an elderly person wishes to have certain persons receive their ...
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No Fault Divorce in New York

As of October 2010, New York joined the ranks of most sister states, by enacting a law permitting a no fault grounds for divorce. The wording of the no fault divorce grounds is as follows: "the ...
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Hot Coffee

I am sure everyone has an opinion about the "hot coffee" case brought against McDonald's. The case became the poster child for tort reform. I always thought that the result was ...
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Welcome to our Long Island Law Blog

We are pleased to announce the launch of our New York Real Estate Law Blog. You can subscribe to our RSS feed by clicking here.
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