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Recent Posts in Estate Law Category

Deed with Life Estate in NY (Estate Planning Tool)

A deed with a life estate is an estate planning tool with many advantages. The first advantage is a very significant tax advantage. If an elderly person wishes to have certain persons receive their ...
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Power of Attorney, New York

I see many Powers of Attorney done by people without legal advice, and they are not properly signed and initialled to be valid. The most notable mistake is that a checkmark is placed next to the ...
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The Importance of Having a Will

A will allows you to decide who will get your money and property upon your death; otherwise, New York State directs which relatives will inherit under what is called “intestate ...
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Health Care Proxies and Living Wills in New York

In New York, the document necessary to appoint someone to make health care decisions on your behalf if you are incapacitated is a Health Care Proxy. A Living Will is a companion document that ...
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Disposition of Remains, Responsibility Therefor

New York Public Health Law 4201 effective 8/2/06 sets forth the order of priority of persons who are able to dispose of the remains of a decedent. Prior to this law it was basically entrusted to the ...
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